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11 Everyday "on the go" Makeup Bag Essentials

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My goal has been to simplify as many things as I can in my life, and that includes the amount of makeup and tools that i am hoarding.... yes hoarding. I have a hard time parting with my makeup brushes et al. To simplify what I carry around in my huge work back ( and decrease my back ache), I realized that these makeup essentials are paramount.

1. Mini Mascara

They say the eye is the window to the soul, so why not make sure it always pops. one of my favorite mascara is the Too Faced better than sex mascara. Other options include the Estee lauder Sumptuous Extreme or a less expensive option introduced to me by my sister, Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express Mascara.

2. Chapstick

A nicely exfoliated and moisturized lips is the perfect canvas either followed by lipgloss/ lipstick or just left bare.

3. MAC Minieralize skin finish

I am not a fan of reapplying foundation. I would rather wash my face and start over but since that isn't an option when on the go, MAC's mineralized skin finish is the perfect option. It helps decrease shine and add the light coverage you may need throughout the day.

4. Mario Badescu skin refresher

Introduced to me by my younger sister, Mario Badescu can be used as a setting spray and can be used as what i'll call a "pick me up". If during the day your face is feeling dehydrated or just needs a boost, this spray will do the trick.

OR Organic Rose Water Spray

I love this spray, it serves as a toner and a pick me up. However note that the smell may not be your favorite. My hubby absolutely hates the smell of this spray. Remember the song " roses really smell like pooo"lol.

Its an acquired smell

5. Eye liner

You cant go wrong with the right eyeliner that lasts all day. Eyeliner to me takes the eyes to the next level.

The l'oreal eyeliner is a great option.

6. Hand sanitizer

This is essential before you start your makeup or touch your face. You want to keep the bacteria and dirt you may have touched during the day from your face.

7. Blotting paper

I love this inexpensive blotting paper by ELF. They are a quick way to get rid of the oils on your face without having to retouch and add more makeup on the face.

8. Mini makeup brush set

For about $7, you can get yourself a set of portable makeup brushes . When you need a quick touch up or need to add more glamour to your look for a night out or after work hours, these are the perfect tools to have on hand.

9. Mini Perfume

Get a small bottle of your favorite scent or transfer some perfume to an atomizer for a convenient

My love for Estee Lauder stems from my mom. She loves everything from the more mature and classic smell of Obesession to Red Door. However my current favorite is Modern Muse and Modern Muse Le rouge (pictured).

10. mini eye Shadow palette

Eye shadow is not part of my everyday makeup, however its important to keep it on hand. This is an easy way to take a day makeup up a notch for an after work or evening event.

11. Favorite lipstick or lipgloss.

Lipstick or lipgloss is a staple for adding some glamour to your makeup. so always keep your favorite colors in your makeup bag. My favorites are the Colorpop Matte lipgloss.

I hope you find this post helpful as you try to simplify your Everyday Makeup bag.

Till next time,

Live Graciously


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