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3 reasons you can NOT get the right type of products for your natural hair

3 reasons you can not get the right hair products for your natural hair

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The quest to get my hair together was simply an overwhelming experience for me when I started to take my hair seriously. The sheer amount of information from natural hair “ gurus” sometimes made me feel like I knew nothing about the hair growing out of my scalp. I would simply see someone else’s hair that I admired, and just copied the same exact method they did and not get the desired results. If you know me, you know that I'm a determined girl, I like having a clear understanding of my surroundings ( hair included) and want to understand the mechanism at which my hair worked and reacted to products while also keeping my routine really short and simple LOL. I am want to cut out the unnecessary steps, stick to the basics ( specific to my hair) and let this thing thrive and grow.

Today I will share with you 3 reasons why you can not get the right products for your hair

  1. You do not trust your observation of how your hair behaves.

Yes, girls and guys, you don't trust yourself with your hair. I quickly realized that I needed to trust that I knew more about my hair than I was willing to give myself credit for. I started to make observations and make changes that matched my observations. For example, I noticed that my hair loved shea butter, While everyone else would complain that it was too heavy for their hair and it weighted down their hair, it worked perfectly for my hair. It didn’t feel too greasy and my hair was more manageable and pliable.This observation made me realize that my hair was often dry because it was losing moisture fast and using a heavy oil like shea butter was exactly what I needed. This is an example of an observation I could have just ignored, instead, I used what I know to find out more about what I didn't know.

I bet you know more about your hair that you want to imagine!

Don’ be discouraged, observe your hair and note the characteristics, things that have worked and things that have not worked. Take the information you know as a tool for finding the product that can potentially solve your problem.

For example,

Hair observation example

You will be one step closer to building a regimen in no time!

I was looking for someone with the same hair pattern as me and not one whose hair behaved like mine.You have probably categorized your hair with numbers and letters. Although this information is useful, it does not necessarily tell you how a product will react with your hair. I tried to do categorize my hair with the hope of connecting with someone either in my life or in the internet universe ,who you can borrow tips from. I would try the same things I see in the numerous youtube videos and I will not get the anticipated results. I later realized that I was not asking the right questions. Note that I am not discouraging you from finding out your hair curl pattern, I simply think you should take things one step further.

Categorizing my hair by numbers and letters simply didn’t work for me, it didn’t lead me to the right products, neither did it help me retain length, at the end of the day, the information I was seeking did not lead me to the right products. I also happen to have at least 3 different curl patterns, so this type of labeling did not lead me to a regimen that addressed the issues that my hair was facing. Instead, my question was simply….why is this product not working for me? And why is this other one working? How can I retain length? What is causing my hair to break off even when it appeared healthy? and why do I have 3 different hair textures?

I needed to know how my hair absorbs and doesn’t absorb product. This was the foundational questions that I wanted to understand, and I encourage you to do the same.

I literally just wrote down some observations in a worksheet similar to the one above and found solutions that made sense for each problem.

This takes us to problem #2


#2: You do not know your hair porosity type!

Hair porosity is real girls and guys. Its no joke and it changed my hair’s life lol. It was like I saw the light, a lot of those observations I had been making were making so much sense now. I knew what types of products to avoid and which ones to embrace. I realized that having high porosity hair meant that I needed to lock in moisture, it meant I need to relax with the hot water shampoo moments, I realized I needed to use cold water on my hair to close the hair cuticle… Girl, do you see how many things I realized from one test? Things that no one else could have told me about my hair unless they were with me? Things I couldn’t learn just from looking at someone else’s hair? Yes! Hair porosity test is awesome. It was the first step to gaining confidence that I had some level of control over my hair. I started to build my regimen using these new found information.

Check out my blog post about hair porosity and grab free hair regimen for High , Low and Medium porosity hair here

I had posted a picture on SnapChat and my bff sends me a message saying “ hair is goals” and wanted to know what to do to get her hair to behave better. I suggested she read my post on hair porosity and gave her some suggestions on changes that she can make quickly. She realized that she had made the mistake of giving herself a protein treatment that she did NOT need and this started to jeopardize the integrity of her hair, with a few tweaks during her next wash she was able to get her hair back to normal.

This last point is often overlooked however its very important.


#3: You are not properly nourishing your hair from the inside out

YES, girl (guy), You need to drink lots of water take your vitamins, use your biotin, Folic acid etc. If your hair is falling out, and you have been making good care of your hair physically, then it’s time to take care of it from the inside out. Changes in hormones, new birth control pills, lack of magnesium and the presence of metabolic diseases such as PCOS ( Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) or Chronic inflammation ( may be induced by stress) can affect the way your hair behaves. Stress can cause Chronic inflammation which is known to cause an increase in DHT which induces hair loss.DHT is Dihydrotestosterone and it is called by the presence of excess testosterone which in turn affects the scalp.There are simple remedies that you can use to minimize the effects of inflammation caused from stress or other metabolic issues on your hair.

Grab my Nourish from the Inside cheat sheet to get ideas on how to nourish your hair from the inside or topically with minerals and vitamins and get an opportunity to be the first to know when my NEW course Getting Smart with your hair is released.

In summary

The goal of this post is to get you to stop making these mistakes and make some mindset shifts about your natural hair.

  1. Trust your observations. Grab the Diagnose your hair worksheet available in the member's only resource page to get started.

  2. Learn your hair porosity. It will save you from throwing money away and give you a sense of confidence about your hair. Check out this blog post to find out how.

  3. Nourish from the inside out. Deficiencies in vitamins and minerals can be the cause of hair breakage, so it’s important to keep the hair properly nourished. Nourish from the inside available in the member's only resource page cheat sheet to the rescue

Till next time

Live Graciously

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