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3 Tips and Tricks to increase your natural hair growth and thicken your hair in 2020

increase your natural hair growth in 2018

We all have hair goals and that's why you are reading this post, but it's important that we do not forget the fundamental things we need to do in order to set up our hair for maximum growth. Please make sure you are open minded as you read this is and pay attention to the reasons why this 3 steps can make a huge difference. You may notice that some of this tips will be very simple, again I urge you not to ignore them. Over complicating our regimen only breeds confusion and lack of consistency.

Let 2018 be your year of consistency. Building a habit and staying consistent is the best way to make sure that you reach the hair goals of your dreams. Download a FREE habit tracker here & check out the 8 ingredients you should look out for when buying hair products to maximize hair moisture.

So let’s get started

  1. Cut off the “dead hair”

It may sound counter intuitive but you sometimes have to lose some to get more in life, this applied to your hair as well. As we chase length sometimes, we do it at the detriment of health. But our goal for 2018 is to make these two things work hand in hand.

It starts with getting rid of your dead ends. Get a trim and allow the flow of oxygen to get through the length of your hair.

Split ends cause more split ends.

Let's look at this illustration below

The unfortunate thing about split ends is that they keep splitting if you don't snip them off. In really bad cases the hair will split all the way to the root

2. Drink more water.

We should be drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day and optimally drinking half our body weight in ounces each day. For example if you are 160 pounds, you should be drinking 80 ounces of water a day.

Why? Our hair is made up of water and protein. Excreting water also helps get rid toxins in the body, reduces the effect of negative hormone disturbances in the body, improves circulation in the scalp and brings more nutrient rich blood to the hair follicles. How amazing!

Can you commit to drinking at least 64 ounces ( 8 cups) of water a day? Comment below if you have any tips or tricks to accomplish this.

3. Reduce stress and its effect on your scalp

Stress is stressful.

It’s important that you understand how stress can affect your hair. It can cause your body to be in a constant state of inflammation, promote hormonal imbalance and contributes to the conversion of testosterone to DHT (dihydro-testosterone) may lead to hair loss. When our body is in a constant state of stress, there is an increase in hair loss, obesity, depression etc. The more stress we experience, the faster we deplete our Magnesium storage. So consider adding Mg rich oils ,food and self care to your regimen.

Here is a quick DIY that can help you

a.Weekly Epsom Salt bath.

Easy Recipe: Add 1-2 cups of Magnesium to your bath and soak for 20 minutes.

Alternative: if you do not have a bathtub, you may opt for a Magnesium oil spray. Check out this easy tutorial on how to make your own.

b. DIY hair thickening oil

I really like Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Rosemary essential oil for hair thickening.

Jamaican Black Castor oil is rich in Vitamin E, Omega Fatty acids and important for nourishing & hydrating dry hair. It also helps stimulate and promote healthy natural hair growth.

Rosemary helps by balancing androgen and estrogen in the body and lower DHT (dihydrotestosterone) on scalp to improve hair growth.

Recipe: Equal parts JBCO and Light Carrier oil such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil because of its low comedogenic rating (ability to clog pores) Plus Rosemary Essential oil

Want some guidance picking the right carrier oils, butters and essential oils for your specific hair and scalp needs? check the How to pick the right oil/butter for your natural; hair E-book (guide and workbook)

Download this habit tracker , purchase the E-book or Download the 8 ingredients you need in your natural hair products now to help you along the way.

Till next time

Live Graciously

What is your hair struggle so far in 2018? how do you plan to change it?

Comment below.

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