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How to elevate your style with your natural hair

I have always loved my natural hair, however, I have to confess that I had fallen into the trap of always thinking I needed to tame my hair. Have you had that feeling before? You pretty much just resort to braids or straightening/ blow dry your hair so that it appears more acceptable and manageable.

Well, say no more to that! I’ll share with you 3 ways to elevate your personal style with your natural hair while embracing the kinks and curls.

I learned to embrace my hair more a few years into my natural hair journey. I have learned how to work with my hair instead of against it, and this mindset took some time to adjust to. That is why I'm so passionate about helping you do the same in a shorter amount of time.

Trust me, I know it can be a daunting experience for those of you who are newbies. I hope these tips/ suggestions are helpful and get you out of your natural hair funk.

OPTION 1: Get a signature style

Let your natural hair be a part of your personal brand. Pick a style that is preferably easy for you to execute and keep up with. For me, this is a bun. It's been a simple way for me to always feel in sync with my hair and still keep a level of sophistication and youthfulness.

Here are a few natural hairstyles to consider


Buns come in many “flavors”, high bun, low bun, buns with drawstring ponytails, DIY Kanekalon or even Marley hair buns. Feel free to experiment and switch it up as you see fit, you can even get out your edge control and slay those edges!

Here are a few pictures of the bun in action.

Check out this Youtube tutorial


This is one of my favorites for adding a layer of sophistication, it's so simple to do however makes a huge statement. I have pictorial you can check out here

also, check out this super simple youtube tutorial to achieve the look.


"Twist and tuck" is another favorite if you have the length to achieve the look. it is so classy and I love how it looks. You also get to tuck those strands for protection.


For those with shorter natural hair, perhaps you just had your “big chop” and need something quick and easy

OPTION 2: Simplify your regimen

This is one of the easiest ways to really enjoy your natural hair. Having a simple regimen will allow you to spend less time frustrated and more time actually enjoying your natural hair.

Read more about how to do so here or check out my 7-day course to help you build your regimen from the ground up.

You have a few options!

OPTION 3: Incorporate hair accessories

This has quickly become my go-to option, I put my hair in a bun, sometimes add an extension for more volume and add my accessories.

I'll share a few of them with you below

a.. Headbands: