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Stop these 3 mistakes now and pick the best oils/butter to grow healthier natural hair

mistakes you make when choosing oils/butter for natural hair growth

My fascination with oils and butter began when I committed to fully embracing and nurturing my natural hair. I decided to not always hide under braids and wigs but because I thought I couldn't manage my hair. Don't get me wrong, I do wear wigs and braids as protective styles now, however, it isn't because I cannot deal with my own hair coupled with the fact that I had very sensitive scalp that caused me lots of pain. Sometimes I would have to use pain medication or pour cold water on my head just to get a bit of relief.

If you have a sensitive scalp you know the constant struggle to find relief. I decided enough was enough and I will find a solution the best way that I know how, after the many hours of watching hair tutorials and listening to hair gurus had failed me.

At the core of who I am is a problem solver and a process strategist, and since embracing this, I have allowed it to seep into everything that I do. So I set out to find solutions to these issues I was experiencing.

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Here are the 4 mistakes I was making and needed to change and My "Known and Proven" strategy on how to do so.

Mistake #1. Using only Oil as a hair moisturizer.

Oil is not a moisturizer because it does not contain any moisture. It seems simple enough but many of us do no consider this as we deal with our hair. So yes it is possible for your hair to be both oily and brittle/ dry at the same time if you don't keep the simple fact that oil contains no moisture in mind. I eventually switched to adding water to my oil regimen along with the LCO system on my hair and saw a difference. What I realized was that using a penetrating oil helped me lubricate my hair and promote elasticity and also prevented the water trapped in my hair from escaping.

Lack of moisture (when you somehow thought the water would cause more problems) before using oil was causing the dryness. There are 5 African Herbs for Hair Growth that can be added to your hair treatment to improve hair health and moisture.

Mistake #2. You treat your hair and scalp the same. Just because something is good for your hair does not mean its good for your scalp.

Conditioners are great for hair, they have an ability to provide slip and allow for easier detangling, however, it can be unhealthy for the scalp, it can cause the scalp to get irritated or clogged. The same applies to oil. Some oils are not great for the scalp due to their comedogenic trait ( ability to clog pores). So here I am, listening to all the hair gurus that said you should sleep with conditioners in your head, and I would end up my scalp hurting even more. Duh! conditioners are not formulated for the scalp.

Mistake #3. You rely too much on hair gurus.

Just because a product works for their 4-c Hair does not mean it will work for yours. This does not mean you should go into a "trial and error" frenzy, you should adopt what I call a "known & proven" method. you have got to use your observations of your hair to figure out what it is that you need. Promise me you will no longer mindlessly consume information online. Instead, find specific solutions to the specific problems you are experiencing.

Let's commit to trusting ourselves ladies & ask clearer questions sot hat we can find the right answers

Let's see the "known & proven" tactic in action

Problem area: Scalp; sensitive, dry and flaky

Solution: I need to soothe the nerves on my scalp and calm the pain.

So I will find a product (essential OIL) that will help soothe the pain. After doing research, I know that Chamomile oil & Lavender oils are great remedies.

Dry & flaky: my scalp is dry and needs to be nourished both inside and outside, so I will increase my water intake & use a penetrating oil that can go below the top layer of my scalp to nourish.

After doing research, I know JBCO is a penetrating oil, however, because its thick, I will mix it with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) or my favorite Sweet almond oil. I will also make sure these oils cannot dry my scalp by looking at the comedogenic rating ( ability to clog pores).

This may seem too simple, but I truly believe that we natural girls have a tendency to over complicate things.

I know you may be thinking, did she just say how much she loves coconut oil at the beginning of the post? how come she didn't use it for her scalp?

Well, coconut oil had a comedogenic factor of 4 out of 5. So it can clog pores and cause even more issues for the scalp. I limit my use of coconut oil to pre-poo and LCO.

Let's check out another example

Problem area: hair is dry and brittle and high porosity

Solution: I need oil or butter that will penetrate my hair (coconut oil) and improve elasticity due to the brittle and porous nature. I need a heavy butter ( Shea butter) that will seal in the moisture through my LCO or LOB (liquid, oil, butter).

The key to finding the right oils to nourish and care for your scalp and hair is to know exactly what you are looking for, instead of blindly mixing stuff up. Make your regimen effective and simple with my E-book.

Grow healthy natural hair ebook

If you want to start picking the right oils and butter for your hair then How to pick the best oils butter for natural hair E-book is exactly what you need.

It will provide you with carrier oils, essential oils, and butter that can truly transform your hair and scalp. "Trial and error", don't just cost you time, but it also costs you money. My advice is for you to stop consuming too much information and Instead start taking action through a simple process.

Adopt a "known 7 proven" method of finding the best product for your hair needs.

Purchase the E-book or Download the 8 ingredients you need in your natural hair products now for FREE to help you along the way, you don't need 5 moisturizers, you need the right ingredients.

Till next time

Live Graciously

Which mistake have you made but plan to stop?

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