90 Days Personalized Hair Growth Routine
  • 90 Days Personalized Hair Growth Routine

    90 Day personalized hair growth routine to reach your hair goals.  Get your ready-made customized routine specific to your hair and scalp needs. With Consistency and A Fool-Proof Plan, you will reach your hair growth goal.


    An average person grows 0.5 - 1 inch of hair per month, your goal will be to maximize that growth with the right routine so that you can actually retain the length.


    Grow 3-6 inches of hair in 90 days with proper care and a customized routine.


    How does it work?

    - When you purchase this, you will receive a .pdf file with the instructions, link to the questionnaire, and any other additional information that is needed from you.

    - You will receive an in-depth questionnaire that will allow me to better understand YOUR hair needs

    -You will let me know the current state of your hair, what has worked, and what hasn't worked including lifestyle choices, protective styling, product list, and nutrition

    - You will submit the questionnaire along with pictures of your hair, scalp, current length, and ends of your hair

    -Grace will review the completed questionnaire and pictures. She will create a customized routine just for you.


    Due to the volume of requests, kindly allow between 3-7 days for your customized hair growth plan to be sent back to you. 


    Upon reviewing your customized regimen, you will get have an opportunity to get additional clarification through 1 email communication.


    Be Advised

    This routine does not serve as a medical diagnosis, result will vary based on the individual's health and genetics. We do not guarantee any results.